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Curvy Tree Road

  to the
Grounded & Grateful Retreat 

Unplug from your responsibilities. Plug into your sensibilities.

I want to thank you for saying yes! Yes to me, yes to the experience and yes to yourself! Without you there is not Retreat! 

I'm honored that you find value in my offering and that I'm the one you've chosen to have this experience with

I'm humbled and very very grateful.

You belong here.

I love you.



January 13-15th

Arrival on the 13th is 5pm,

Departure: on the 15th at 11am




Assembled from canvas + wood, the cabins provide shelter and warmth amidst wild elements. Heated blankets, comforters, lighting and a charger are provided..

We can decide who sleeps where by pulling a number out of a glass. I will take the only cabin with one bed, the rest are for 2 people with 2 beds per cabin.



Dinner on the 13th 

Breakfast & Dinner on the 14th

and Breakfast on the 15th

Grab and go food will be available between the planned meals as well. No one will go hungry, I plan on it.

It is not an accident that there is no lunch on Saturday. The reason is to allow digestion to rest freeing more energy for healing and contemplation.

In the same spirit, the items listed below will be excluded for the duration of the Retreat

  • Alcohol

  • Coffee

  • Candy

  • Phones

(no signal at the cabins, so this makes things easy)


I have hired my niece Paloma to assist me Saturday and to record/photograph parts of the retreat for memory and promotional materials for future retreats. 

No photo/video will be shared/used without prior approval by the people in the photo/video. Your comfort and ease are my greatest priority!!!

Retreat Facilities


The goal of the Retreat is to provide you with an immersive experience into the senses within a safe and serene environment with a focus on gratitude and equanimity. 

Immersing the body & mind in the sensations and benefits of gratitude and equanimity will begin to create a sensory path on which you will be able to continue on or return to once you leave the Retreat. The importance of living grounded and grateful will be revealed once immersed in the calmness of Nature.

My greatest hope is that the experience will be a catalyst for you to step into living grounded and grateful because you will have experienced what it takes and how it's done.


I am aiming to create an introspective & self-reflecting environment, which will promote your inner silence and calmness. Although this is a group experience, I am asking that you focus on your needs solely and am strongly suggesting you let go of expectations of how you think you should act, sound, look & interact with the others. This is your chance to fully embrace yourself without fearing criticism or guilt. There will be other opportunities in the future to get to know the other women, but this weekend is about YOU!

"Vow of Silence" tags will be available for anyone who would like to experience the Retreat in silence, which will also provide you the opportunity to become a better observer/listener. There will be a few occasions when speaking will be necessary but outside of those times, if no one wants to talk, I'm good with that! In fact I encourage it ;)

A more detailed activity agenda will be provided at arrival. 

To Bring

I want to keep some things as a surprise but others will need a bit of prep so here's a list of things you'll need to bring:

  • yoga mat, blocks or a pillow

  • hand held massager (if you have one or we can share if you don't)

  • a photo of you at the age of 3(ish)

  • a glitzy outfit (something with sparkles or shine, tiara/crown or statement jewelry or all of the above! (don't bother with heels, the area doesn't allow for it)

  • Cozy warm indoor shoes and rain/snow hiking boots.


I researched the area where we will be staying so we can be adequately prepared for the weather. 

Historically, January in La Honda is

mild with

highs in the low 60's and lows in the low 40's with average of 9 rainy days.


The Host did mention that the weather is unpredictable in January, so please be prepared for the temperatures by bringing clothes and shoes for layering and staying dry in the 30% chance of rain happening. 

The Host has also included the use of their garage, which is near the cabins, for us to social in in the chance of rain. I have not seen photos of the garage but I'm hoping it is set up in a functional way. 



 A non-refundable deposit of half the investment is due by Dec 15th.


The rest is due by Jan 7th. I'm adding an option to pay in full if you prefer to do that.

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